Tax Management System Launched in Nothern Bhar Gazal State

Project Updates

Aweil -The State Revenue Authority of Northern Bahr Gazal launched the computerized integrated management tax system on the 13th of October marking the completion of the tax reform project for the NBG state.the project was supported by CBTF and implemented by SnycNet computer systems limited.

The main component of the project is the design and development of an Integrated Tax Management System (ITMS) that includes tax payer registration, filing of returns, tax compliance, receipting, payments and Management Information System (MIS) reports; training on Information Technology skills, usage of the ITMS, the Taxation Bill and customer care; and the creation of public tax awareness for the public to be educated on their rights and obligations with regard to local taxes, and to receive regular information on the use of local revenues. The system ITMS is based on the Taxation Bill enacted by the NBG State Parliament in 2011.

Speaking at the launch ,the state Governor Malong Awan told the residents of Aweil to embrace the new system with both hands and build the state. "today we are launching the tax system in the state office;very soon i hope the same example will be set in juba and other states of south Sudan,this is the legacy that will benefit the generations to come"stated the governor

It is envisaged that the ITMS will improve revenue collection through sealing of revenue loopholes, ease the taxpayer registration exercise and maintain/ monitor taxpayers’ data. It will also assess volume of revenue collected and improve governance and monitoring around the revenue collected, assist in revenue planning initiatives for the State while forming the cornerstone on which various new tax systems will be built in future.

CBTF is currently supporting each State with a project to address a key priority State need. State projects include strengthening Human Resource Management, Local Revenue Tax Collection, financial management and Information Technology skills. The Tax Modernisation Project of NBG had a budget of US$ 296,140 (SSP 888,420).

The Government of South Sudan is key in setting the strategic guidance of CBTF. CBTF supports a variety of Government initiatives related to strengthening public administration, such as the South Sudan Electronic Payroll System. The contributing donor countries are Canada, Denmark, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. CBTF works closely with other development partners, including UNDP and USAID.